Tue Dec 18 2018
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Selection Method for Drawings: Random Number

Powerball - Number Last Appearance

How long has it been since my number played? Using this report we show how long it has been since each individual lottery ball has been chosen in the past 39* Powerball drawings.

Some people think of this as "a number is due to hit" because it has not been played in a long time.

We are counting the number of lottery drawings that have taken place since the number appeared in the winning ticket number combination. For example if the number appeared in the last game then you will have "1" one for the number because one drawing has passed. So a "5" five would mean it has been five drawings since the number played.

If the number is "0" zero then we did not have this number appear at all in the selected drawings. That means you should treat it as not being played for longer than the highest number and the graph will indicate this.

The most recent** Powerball drawing in our database is:

Drawing Date
2018-09-08 3 13 20 32 33 21

White Balls - High Count is 38

Powerball - High Count is 38

Good Luck!

* For our non-member visitors and members who are no logged in, we randomly choose the number of past lottery drawings to use in our statistics each time you visit or refresh the page. This number can be modified if you are a member so that you can choose more or less drawings for your customized lottery analysis.

** If this is not the most recent lottery drawing date, give us a little time to update our records, then check back.