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Help lottery players win more often with lottery analytics.

Have you, or someone you know, recently purchased one of those useless “Lottery Prediction Software” programs that basically give you a so-called predicted set of lottery numbers that really are nothing short of just quick picks under hyped up promises and flash?

I have, and believe me, I haven’t seen anything that is worth 10 cents let alone $50 bucks or more because none of them [that I know of] actually use draw histories in selecting the lottery numbers. And if they did, who updates them and how often? Unless it’s sold under a subscription system, it certainly won’t pay an employee the hours necessary to continuously update the lottery databases.

What are lottery players using to generate those “Magic” numbers? More importantly, have any users actually increased their winning percentage? Not me, I got suckered in like so many thousands of others!

I actually had my best percentage at winning because I used to manually chart my lottery numbers, but that is a huge, tedious and time consuming job that can use up reams of paper, and clutter up the kitchen table for days.

As a lottery player myself, I used to win a lot more 3 & 4 out of 6 by spreadsheeting, than by getting simple quick picks, or using birthdays, etc., and at one point, I actually got 5/6 on the 649 in March of 1985. Why wasn’t I satisfied with that?? Well, forever, I always picked #31 as a steadfast number. I used it in every combination set of lotto numbers every time I played. This one time, however, I somehow replaced the #31 with the #13 [ 13 14 23 33 35 47 instead of 14 23 31 33 35 47 ], well that was a bad mistake because 14 23 31 33 35 47 Bonus 18 came up and had I stayed with my original numbers, I would have won all 6 [ and I really needed the money at that time ].

Although the $1700 [ in 1985 ] certainly was a welcome amount, it could have been much more.

Anyway, back to the story – to simply boil my numbers down took an enormous amount of work and I simply didn’t have the time to continuously update and regenerate my charts after each draw, especially with family, home, job and other commitments, it just wasn’t possible, not to mention losing due to a badly timed number switch.

And the more lotto draws there were, the more difficult and time consuming it became, so I reverted back to birthdays and quick picks, useless lottery numbers prediction software, and back to losing again.

Finally, [years actually] after gaining some computer programming lessons of my own, I managed to sit down and write a sizeable program that makes the computer do all the complicated “dirty work” that used to take me hours and days to accomplish. Yes, that in itself took several months of programming, debugging, etc., but now turns what used to be hours into a few minutes.

Now, all I needed to do was update the database after each draw, and all the calculations are done in seconds. The charts that I needed are then created with a simple mouse click. I can then view them on the screen or print them out, put them down in front of me to make my selections rather than relying on quick, picks.

Now, it takes me only 30 minutes [not hours of charting] to choose what numbers I’m going to play in the next draw. It’s fabulous. I have even included a wheeling algorithm for additional numbers I may want to include [ up to 20 ]

Soon, I’m going to put those tools into this site, so you can use them too. Meanwhile, enjoy my site, and read some of the articles here. They are bound to help you in defeating the “Odds Against” winning it big in the lottery.


It has been repeated time and again that lottery draws are “Random” and each and every number has an equal chance of being selected as the next.

This may be true, however, there are questions one should ask themselves, rather than just accepting a defeatist attitude & opting for the ultimate loser – “Quick Picks”. As an example……

In the Canadian 649 draw, for instance, why did #31 continue to be the number that is been drawn the most out of all the other numbers for as long as it did?
Why do certain numbers seem to be drawn with another number [ friends ] more often than others.
Why do yet other numbers seem to be drawn frequently the next draw after a certain number is drawn [ followers ]

Successful lottery players look at those stats because they are easily identifiable with a little work. But there are additional statistics not so identifiable when it comes to lotto draw history.

I heavily used charts to identify numbers that have been drawn the most over time [ frequency ], their draw ratio, how often have been drawn sequentially since day one, how often they have repeated sequentially up to the last draw date, how many draws have passed since they were drawn last, the most sequential draws they have missed since day one, and more information as it becomes available.


I am currently working on a system of charting and plan to implement it here, where, for certain lotteries, such as the Canadian 649 or BC 49 [ and hopefully Lotto Max ], I should be able to create charts you simply print out based on the draw history of each lottery. Mind you, the longer a lottery exists, the more precise it’s history becomes, and theoretically, so does it’s predictability.

We can’t choose the numbers for you, that wouldn’t be fair. What we can do, however, is give you information based on prior draws, to assist you in determining your own set of numbers, thus allowing you to take a more “Scientific Approach” to selecting numbers, and getting rid of all the dirty work that will save you hours or even days of updating and evaluating.

I understand the enormous over all odds against selecting the right combination of numbers in any given lottery. But I also believe in playing the odds. Just eliminating one number from the rest of the pack can improve your odds tremendously, so the more you can eliminate, the better the chances of you winning at least something. If you can improve your odds, you should see more prize wins, off-setting the expense of playing, and helping you stay in the game for the “Big One”.

So, how do we do this, and what makes us different from all the other “Lottery Analysis” programs out there?

First of all, we don’t “Predict” numbers like some kind of swami, or a so-called algorithm software that charges you $50 or more to do what you can virtually do for free [Quick Pick] online or at the Lotto Store.

But, you already know that, and that is why you are still here!

I can generate a series of charts, based on “Previous Draws”, that give you the tools to use your own interpretive skills to decide which numbers may give YOU the best odds at being drawn.

Again, I hope to soon resurrect my tool box to help you with your charting. Better yet, perhaps I can create an installable version you can use on your own website.