Tue Dec 18 2018
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Selection Method for Drawings: Random Number

Lottery Analysis

How do I better my odds at winning the lottery?

So you want to win the lottery? You're here because you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery and make your financial dreams come true. We believe that analyzing the past winning lottery numbers increases your chances of instant wealth. Looking for patterns in the past winning numbers may increase your chances of becoming the next lottery winner or at least increase the total cash winnings by having more winning numbers in your lottery ticket.

Lottery Analytics provides you with number analysis of the historical winning numbers of the multi-state PowerBall Lottery.

We have many different algorithms which help you to pick your numbers and increase your chances to win. Algorithms such as the total number of times that a given lottery ball has appeared in the winning numbers or combination with other numbers can be seen as patterns over time. When was the last time that a particular number was included in the winning combination? This type of information helps you to choose your numbers and increase your chances of winning. Many people believe that the sum total of the numbers or the total number of odd and even numbers play a role in deciding which numbers they should play. These types of analysis help you decide if a given number is hot or cold and "due to hit".

Our graph based mathematical analysis provides you with a easy to understand and use set of tools for your lottery number selections. Our tools are designed to help you choose your winning lottery number combinations with minimal difficultly.

The more you understand how the patterns have played out in the past helps you to determine if you should use a particular number in your picks.

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